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Cylinderical knob set Brisbane City Locksmiths

Cylindrical Knob Entrance Lock

Entrance locks are the most common type of lock in Brisbane City. Every Apartment door and shop has an entrance lock on their main entrance door and maybe other doors in the building. The entrance door is the door which you use to enter your apartment, office or shop and has the most security features as it is the most vulnerable door to attack.

Entrance door locks must have a key or keypad for entrance and locking. The three major types of locks used on entrance doors in Brisbane City are the Knob or Lever Cylindrical lock, Mortice locks and Rim locks.

Knob and Lever Cylindrical locks are used on many apartment doors. They have a large hole drilled in the door to accommodate the lock body and a latch hole for the latch part of the lock. Knob and Lever locks can be prone to forcing attacks by criminals. It is always a good idea to have at least one additional lock on the door if a Knob or Lever Cylindrical lock is used. Some Lever locks employ a clutching mechanism to help avoid easy forcing attacks. These locks are always advisable to use over standard lever cylindrical locks.

Lockwood Mortice Locks

Lockwood Mortice Locks

Mortice locks are more common in Brisbane City, then in the suburbs. They are more heavy duty and generally more secure then Cylindrical locks. Mortice locks generally have a lever handle that can be locked and unlocked and they can have a key retract function that does not initially unlock the outside lever handle. If fitted to an apartment door, they generally have an escape function, meaning that the inside handle is always free to unlock the door at any time. Mortice locks made by Lockwood Australia are the most common and one of the best security locks for an apartment door and also shop doors. There are a wide range of functions and handle designs available for Lockwood mortice locks and they can be keyed to a registered key system and made to function with other locks in the building or home.

Lockwood 355 Rimlock Brisbane City Locksmith

Lockwood Rimlock

Rim Locks are often seen as an additional deadlock on doors in Brisbane City. Queensland fire regulations make the Lockwood rimlock one of the only types of deadlatches allowed to be fitted to fire containment doors such as apartment doors. Rimlocks such as the Lockwood 355 Deadlock are some of the most heavy duty locks for commercial doors. They can also be placed on a registered key system or have high security lock cylinders instead of the standard pin tumbler cylinder. Rimlocks often compliment mortice locks or Cylindrical locks as additional security locks on doors in Brisbane City.

What ever type of entrance lock you currently have on your door, always keep them well maintained and replace any broken locks. Additional locks and upgrades for entrance door locks are available and out Brisbane City Locksmiths will be glad to assist you with all your lock enquiries.

Lock barrel Change Brisbane City LocksmithsInstead of simply changing locks, replacing the lock barrels is an upgrade worth considering. The lock barrels of most locks can be changed to a new type of barrel. The most common type of lock barrel is a propriety lock barrel that uses a propriety key. The keys are patented and the lock barrel broaching is a registered design. The use of these propriety lock barrels is widely used for access control for a wide range of locks.

The keys for a propriety lock barrel are not commonly available. Only the locksmith who installs the system will have access to his own version of the keys. Trying to get a key cut from another locksmith or key cutting business will not be an option.

When changing the lock barrels to another broached design, the keyway is generally much more intricate. It is harder for another key to enter due to the design and shape of the warding. Most keyways are paracentric making it even more increasingly hard to find another type of key blank to enter the lock barrel.

Changing to a better designed lock barrel has a lot of advantages. Most of the advantages are ones you will never realise. As the design aids in stopping lock picking and lock bumping you will never know if there was an attempted and failed break in attempt from a burglar. Locks are not for keeping honest people out, they are for stopping the dishonest from gaining entry to your property. The harder you can make it for thieves the less likey they are to be able to break through your doors.