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“Should I use this or should really I use that?”

“What can I put on my hair?”

“Is it ok to clean my hair normally?”

We question ourselves so many issues when caring for our locks. However, retaining wholesome locked hair can be very simple (in actuality, foolproof) when you know what to do and what not to do to your hair. This article will give you some standard Do’s and Don’ts when it arrives to lock maintenance. Ahead of presenting you with what you should really and should really not do, maintain in mind that there is no way to make an exhaustive checklist, nonetheless, this checklist will get you began. When taking care of your locks, many individuals are bombarded with what they Can’t do, that they overlook to take pleasure in what they CAN do. Retain in mind the DON’Ts and embrace the DOs. The new identified freedoms that your locks carry also manage you the opportunity to DO a whole lot! Here are the “Dreadlock Commandments”:


No issue what, do NOT at any time put any kind of beeswax on your hair. In the previous many have thought that employing beeswax was the only why to get started locks. However, this ideology could not be additional from the reality. In actuality, employing beeswax in fact is just not a superior matter at all. One of the principal factors that wax is a “no-no” is simply just due to the fact of the actuality that wax isn’t going to breakdown in water. What does this necessarily mean? It means that no issue how significantly you clean your hair, the beeswax will forever be in your locks. Wax also attracts particles, lint, grime, pollutants, and other undesired matters into you hair that might also be hard to clean out. If you at any time meet up with someone that makes use of beeswax on their hair, appear at their locks and you will see the buildup that employing wax has remaining over the a long time. There are other solutions that can be utilized to lock your hair that are also valuable to your hair as perfectly. Goods this sort of as lanolin, honey, olive oil, avocado butter, shea butter, and related goods can have the very same keeping electric power as wax BUT guide to much healthier hair.


Lock maintenance is as very simple as it arrives. Some try out to make the system a complicated maze in purchase to maintain others from wanted to acquire on this dedication. The only matter a lock wearer truly requirements to do is produce a superior hair plan and adhere with it. If need to have be, you can just get up and go without the need of doing anything to your hair. Retaining the system very simple will make this dedication even a lot more interesting.

THOU SHALL NOT Have on YOUR HAIR IN THE Identical Design and style About Very long Durations OF TIME (OR Regularly).

Occasionally we get eager when we get to distinctive phases in the locking system. One major milestone will be when your hair will get prolonged adequate to put in a ponytail. After you attain that phase, you might have the urge to usually toss your hair up in a ponytail, Day to day. Please resist this urge. Regularly carrying your hair in the very same hairstyle working day in and working day out, will generate weak spots in people location that are repeatedly below stress due to limited hair ties, hair pins, hair bands, and other hair accoutrements. For case in point, if you like to dress in your hair in a ponytail everyday, you might discover down the line that in the very same location on every single lock you have a place in which your locks appear like they might crack. This weak place is from constantly employing a hair tie to hold your pigtail. Also, usually pulling your hair back again may also induce traction alopecia due to the fact of the consistent tension on your hairline. Just be conscious and try out to give your locks time to JUST BE.


You will get information from individuals about what your locks need to have but, be cautious what information you pay attention to. Constantly analysis any information you are not familiar with. For instance, someone might suggest that you use conditioner on your locks nonetheless, all through the beginning phases of the locking system, conditioner is a “no-no”. If you use a lock stylist to have your locks preserved your locks, question her/his information when it arrives to unfamiliar suggestions. Try to remember, the considerably less you put on your hair and do to your hair, the improved.

THOU SHALL Locate AN Skilled LOCK STYLIST TO Help Start off YOUR LOCKS (OR TO Seek the advice of WITH).

Unless you are familiar with the locking system, you might find that in search of out a proficient lock stylist is a great price. It is sensible to schedule a session with a lock stylist, prior to starting up your locks. All through this appointment, you can talk about your targets, tentative lock sizes, and present pics of the variety of locks you are in search of. Also, all through this appointment, you can also interview the lock stylist regarding her encounter as a all-natural hair stylist. Even if you program to have your locks preserved your locks your self immediately after you get started, possessing the locks began by a qualified will be certain that your newbie locks are uniform and sufficient in dimensions. When it arrives to starting up locks, Sizing DOES Issue! If you get started your locks way too tiny, then your matured locks will be even lesser due to the fact locks tighten as they experienced. Also, starting up locks way too tiny will guide to the undesired consequence of your locks breaking and staying weak later on down the line.


Equipping your self with the understanding about the transformations that your locks will endure will assistance to make the overall locking encounter a lot more satisfying. On top of that, mastering about the phases of locking will assistance you to know no matter whether or not you locks are subsequent the norm when it arrives to the locking phases. This understanding will also assistance you to figure out if your hair is doing anything odd that you might want to talk about with your lock stylist.

THOU SHALL Take in Properly.

Try to remember, your hair is the product of what you put into your system. This involves the meals you consume, the liquids you consume, and any medications you are taking. For case in point, if you find that your scalp is excessively dry, you might simply just need to have to consume a lot more water to hydrate, versus including any needless oils to your hair. Having wholesome, not only positive aspects your system, but it also will help to maintain your hair growing and shining. Also, workout has also been shown to assistance with the progress of your hair as perfectly.

THOU SHALL Acquire YOUR Own “LOCKING” Help Method.

Retain in mind that you are not the to start with individual to lock. So, there is usually someone who has been in which you are in the locking system. When you have the urge to quit or give up, attain out to people people who comprehend your plight and can assistance speak you down off the ledge. The locking system IS NOT quick. It is the most effective selection you at any time made, but it requires dedication and work to see your locks through. So, explain to people locksmith who are by now locked that you are generating that changeover and that you will need to have their assist. If you never have locksmith or 24 hour locksmith all around to speak with, find on line assist. There are many hair blog, community forums, or social network webpages with many individuals who can permit you know that regardless of what is occurring to you, has occurred to them. Also, possessing a assist program can assistance to see your intention a lot more obviously.


A Locking Journal is a great investment. This journal loaded with milestone pics and published phrases from you will assistance you to improved gauge your progress. You will be in a position to keep in mind the problems that you had six months in the past that you are NOT possessing now. In the journal you can also maintain keep track of of any solutions or new hair regimens that you have taken on just in situation you discover any alterations in your hair. Also, trying to keep pics of your hair in distinctive phases of the locking system will assistance you to “keep in mind when”. So, even if you despise your hair, acquire a image. Months from now you will go back again to that image and appreciate that phase a minor improved. A long time into the locking system, your will appear back again at your journal chortle at your self and price your locks even a lot more.

THOU SHALL Delight in Each and every Stage YOUR LOCKS Convey FORTH.

Each and every phase of locking is special and arrives with its have set of happenings. In purchase to adhere with the overall system it is essential that you appreciate the fuzzy locks just like you will appreciate the matured locks. Consider your locks your child and just like a child, you have to elevate them from a new child to an grownup. Have patience with your hair and know that if you deal with your hair proper and are grateful for the tiny prevalence and milestones, your hair will increase into perfectly-mannered grownup locks. Just never get discouraged and give up due to the fact your hair will never obey you.

THOU SHALL Retain THE Close Purpose IN Brain.

This is possibly a single of the most essential procedures to are living by. Understanding that the way your locks appear in the beginning is NOT how they will appear at their matured point out. This means that when you get started locking you might find that your locks are even bigger than you need. But maintain in mind that as your hair locks, they will get tighter. So a pencil sized lock in the beginning will be lesser when matured. Also, there will be shrinkage in the beginning, but as your locks increase, you will overlook about it. Retain that in mind as you get started locking and it will give you a little something to appear forward to as your locks evolve.

THOU SHALL BE Open up TO Inquiries.

Just like you did not know anything about locking in the beginning, when individuals see you with locks they are sure to question issues. Do respond to individuals if they have legitimate issues. Now, you never have to open up your self up to harassment, but you answering legitimate issues might assistance someone else to become comfy in their pores and skin and acquire the plunge on the “Lock Side”


Selecting and going through with locking your hair involves that the wearer has a certain level of self-confidence and swag. Your new type may also guide to alterations to your wardrobe. Do what is most effective for you and your level of comfort. Locking your hair give you a new feeling of independence that will spill over into the other regions of your existence. Embrace the alterations and have enjoyment with it.

Take note: You might find out, all through your lock exploration, that there are other goods that might go on your particular DO/ DO NOT checklist. Come to feel no cost to adapt this checklist to your particular encounter, by including people other matters that also did or did NOT do the job for you.

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