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Higher Security Commercial Knob locks

Choosing an entrance lock set for a commercial door is not as simple as buying a knob entrance lock from a hardware shop. Most locks sold in hardware shops are not of a suitable quality for a commercial premise.

A commercial entrance lock knob set must be strong enough to take the day to day usage of a commercial environment. It must also be durable enough to be opened and closed much more then a regular house lock.

Commercial entrance knob sets are made tough ro resist attacks that many other locks would fail. The cylinders of a commercial lock set can be changed to suit a range of commercial registered key systems and high security cylinders.

Ask advise from a qualified locksmith to find the correct commercial entrance lock set for your door.

Regardless of whether you have to have a latch repaired or perhaps locks altered all of our locksmith professionals are able to assist you. We’re able to adjust all locks really fast. Each of our locksmiths really are skillful specialists. As soon as you find you have closed the security keys within your home, call to have a Brisbane locksmith that will open your house. When you have lost a security key to the security lock around Brisbane, we can come to your home or business to have the brand new security key duplicated instantly. Brisbane is a fantastic home and we are always readily available to assist should you have security lock or door key problems.

Good locks are really vital to make sure that your property stays protected all the time. Every single lock in your house or on almost every other construction is connected with a house or office key.. Nowadays with a increasing amount of basic safety fears, it is necessary to design keys having intricate designs that cannot be copied by anyone. There are several considerations that you simply need to know regarding locks and keys. There aren’t many things a locksmith can not achieve with regard to security and safety. Your locksmith professional surveys your property thoroughly to ensure an ideal security lock can be installed to your home and business. In case your security lock is worn out, your lock tech should come to fix it fast. Your security really needs to be the most effective that it is able to and a professional locksmith will assist in any manner they are able to.

The first type of protection from theft is your closed exterior door. We are going to help you keep criminals away with very high quality security door locks, deadlocks, access control and many various basic safety products. Trying to keep your family safe and sound is definitely our company’s most important concern. If you want a trusted locksmith professional always use a licensed and trained locksmith.

Be sure to get all of the keys and locks keyed to make sure nobody has got any keys. You will not need to get the complete door or deadlock changed. Usually not until the actual lock or deadlock is broken should it require to be replaced. Door lock barrel re-pinning is not hard and can help you save money simply because the lock cylinder was not replaced. It can also be actually possible to remove and replace a cylinder with a complete new cylinder. House and gate locks may also be re-pinned to actually use a very high security door lock or deadlock barrel assembly to maximize security. Our professional locksmiths will be available just for altering locks night and day.



Shop front and commercial security locks Brisbane

Lockwood 355 Rimlock Brisbane City Locksmith shop front security lock

Shops, offices, industrial premises require locks that can higher type of attack then most home doors.  Commercial doors are usually unattended all night and give thieves a longer time frame in which to attack and unlock a door.   Burglars are more often prepared for the attack on commercial and come prepared with jemmy bars, advanced lock picking tools, and other break and enter devices.  As a result shop front doors, offices and industrial sheds have stronger doors and locks to withstand much heavier attacks.

Speciality lockable bolts are available for glass and aluminium doors on shop fronts.  These bolts thread in from the rear of the door to securely hold the bolt in position.  The bolt is made from hardened steel and is a large diameter to resist bolt cutters and other cutting tools.  The cylinder on the lockable bolts are able to be replaced with any high security lock cylinder or registered key.

For double glass and aluminium doors a special double block lock is used.  This lock secures both doors by using a hardened bolt to pin the 2 doors together.  The block lock is secured from the rear with large bolts.  These locks too can be changed to any high security cylinder or registered key system.  The use of these extra locks on shop front and commercial doors greatly increases the strength of the doors under attack from thieves.

Increased security for shop doors and commercial doors is dependent on the type of door and door frame construction.  Having a chat to our Brisbane Locksmiths is the best way to determine the best type of lock for your commercial door.  We are a 24 hour locksmith service in Brisbane for your convenience.