Lockwood 355 Deadlock

When you need a heavy duty deadlock for a wooden or steel door, the Lockwood 355 deadlock is a great choice. The Lockwood 355 deadlock is a rim lock style lock with a flat cylinder on the outside to resist hammer attacks that could knock other types of locks off the door. The outside and inside cylinder use Lockwood Kinetic defence lock cylinders to resist lock bumping, an easy opening technique used by criminals.

The Lockwood 355 deadlock can be deadlocked from the inside with a turn of the key. When not deadlocked, the inside knob can be opened freely at any time, making it easy to open when the building is occupied.

The Lockwood 355 deadlock is suitable for gates as well as wooden doors. Positive locking between the lock and the lock strike ensure the lock can not be forced apart and the bolt slipped open. For maximum security of your doors, consider a Lockwood 355 deadlock fitted by a Brisbane City locksmith.

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