Locks Changed Brisbane

Lock Changed Brisbane CityA common job for our Brisbane City locksmiths is changing locks. Just about all locks can be changed to a new key. It is even possible to change locks to match an existing key. For example your back door lock can be changed to match your front door key. Matching locks to suit existing keys in the house is a good idea if you have a lot of doors. It can turn a heavy bunch of keys into just one key!

The photo here is of a lock our Brisbane City locksmiths just changed. The lock is part of large building with many locks. This lock was changed to suit a maser key we were installing. The lock is the original lock that was on the door. All that was changed was the lock barrel. The lock barrel is modified to suit the new master key system and becomes a part of the overall access control of the building. This lock is an expensive commercial grade Entrance Set and replacing it was an unnecessary expense. By just changing the barrels in this building we saved the owner a lot of money he would have spent in supplying brand new locks.

Higher security lock barrels can also be installed into many existing locks without replacing the complete lock. A higher security lock barrel will make your building much more secure and the keys can not be cut at the local key cutting bar. For business especially where the doors are unprotected all night, a high security lock is the best way to ensure a high level of security.