Locks Repaired

Lock Repaired Brisbane City LocksmithsLocks unfortunately do not last forever. They suffer from wear and tear and all types of wear and tear associated with every day life. Luckily our Brisbane City Locksmiths can help you with having your locks repaired.

Some of the most common lock problems are caused by locks being in poor condition. Over time if locks and doors are not serviced, they can become stiff, unlubricated and our of alignment. These problems can with regular maintenance be prevented and the life of the lock prolonged.

Lubrication for locks is one of the best things you can do to keep locks in good working condition. The locks barrels should have been lubricated with a very fine layer of graphite when assembled. Usually there is no need to add more graphite to a lock barrel. Applying too much graphite will clog up the lock and not be of any benefit. Lubricating the lock barrel with a dry spray or a spray especially designed for locks is the preferred lubricant for lock barrels. The graphite in the lock will be spread evenly lubricating the lock barrel again. The latch and boltwork should also be regularly lubricated with an appropriate lock lubricant spray. Keeping the latch or bolt well lubricated will put less stress on the closing and locking of the door and make the operation of the lock much better.

Door alignment, especially in old houses in Brisbane is important. A dropped door might not let the latch or bolt go fully into the lock strike when the door is closed. Always check the lock and strike is properly aligned for true locking of the door. A misaligned door lock can make it easy for a burglar to enter your house. Most latches have a deadlatching pin, that should not enter the strike hole. Always adjust the door and lock correctly to stop entry attempts involving latch manipulation.

Worn keys or incorrectly cut keys will cause your lock to not operate correctly and will make the lock clicky or hard to open. Always have the keys cut by a professional locksmith who has correctly calibrated key cutting equipment. If the keys are very badly worn or the lock is very clicky, have the lock rekeyed by a locksmith to assure the key and pins in the lock are lined up to the manufacturers specifications. Harder Nickel Silver lock pins are available for doors that have heavy use and are more prone to wear. Ask your locksmith for wear resistant lock pins.