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Lock barrel Change Brisbane City LocksmithsInstead of simply changing locks, replacing the lock barrels is an upgrade worth considering. The lock barrels of most locks can be changed to a new type of barrel. The most common type of lock barrel is a propriety lock barrel that uses a propriety key. The keys are patented and the lock barrel broaching is a registered design. The use of these propriety lock barrels is widely used for access control for a wide range of locks.

The keys for a propriety lock barrel are not commonly available. Only the locksmith who installs the system will have access to his own version of the keys. Trying to get a key cut from another locksmith or key cutting business will not be an option.

When changing the lock barrels to another broached design, the keyway is generally much more intricate. It is harder for another key to enter due to the design and shape of the warding. Most keyways are paracentric making it even more increasingly hard to find another type of key blank to enter the lock barrel.

Changing to a better designed lock barrel has a lot of advantages. Most of the advantages are ones you will never realise. As the design aids in stopping lock picking and lock bumping you will never know if there was an attempted and failed break in attempt from a burglar. Locks are not for keeping honest people out, they are for stopping the dishonest from gaining entry to your property. The harder you can make it for thieves the less likey they are to be able to break through your doors.